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Not only is Addington Palace a wonderful wedding venue in Surrey, it is also an ideal location for filming having been used in the past for a range of films, television programmes, music videos and fashion shoots. With a venue this stunning, it’s no wonder many high profile celebrities have seized Adding Palace’s filming opportunities.

Kate Moss Basement Commercial

In a search for a location to epitomise luxury, elegance and beauty, Addington Palace was sought out for this stunning advert featuring the alluring Kate Moss

Brad Pitt & Ben Kingsley

In an upcoming film featuring Critically Acclaimed Actors Brad Pitt & Ben Kinglsey our 18th-century mansion was chosen for it’s resplendence and grandeur

Girls Aloud – Jump Music Video

From their 2 x platinum album “What Will the Neighbours Say?”, Girls Aloud’s cover of ‘Jump’ added to their string of hits. Needing a set to┬áinfer the prestige of No. 10 Downing Street, Addington Palace was the venue of choice