The Queens Visit

The Queens VisitThe Queens Visit

In the middle of a busy day during Her Majesty The Queen’s Jubilee Tour of South London, our venue, at Addington Palace, provided a relaxed civic reception and luncheon for the royal couple.

Addington Palace, the former retreat for Archbishops of Canterbury, was the lunch venue for the Queen and Prince Philip.

Dining with the Queen were eight London Borough Mayors and their guests.

A Message From The Queen

Prince Philip and I have been deeply touched by the many kind messages about the Golden Jubilee.

This anniversary is for us an occasion to acknowledge with gratitude the loyalty and support which we have received from so many people since I came to the Throne in 1952. It is especially an opportunity to thank all those of you who help others in your own local communities through public or voluntary service. I would like to think that your work will be particularly recognised during the Jubilee year.

I hope also that this time of celebration in the United Kingdom and across the Commonwealth will not simply be an occasion to be nostalgic about the past. I believe that, young and old, we have as much to look forward to with confidence and hope as we have to look back on with pride.

I send my warmest good wishes to you all.