Your perfect Surrey wedding: Part 3


As promised here is part 3 of our wedding checklist. This covers all the details that we couldn’t fit into part 1 and part 2 about the essential things you need to consider when planning your big day.


Deciding who you want at your wedding can be a stressful time. Create a wedding guest list thinking of family and friends from both the bride and groom ensuring that you stick to the capacity of the wedding venue of choice. Addington Palace can host up to 150 inside the Palace, but for those wanting a large wedding our Royal Marquee can host up to 900 wedding guests. Once you book the date of the wedding many couples send out a save the date card before sending out the invitations with the wedding venue and additional details on.


We have also discussed the wedding catering, but what we didn’t mention was the wedding cake. Do you want to go traditional? Or do you fancy going for something different? Think how many guests you need to have servings for. Consider the flavours, colours and decorations – you can get something created that is really special and unique! And not to mention delicious!


Now forward to your big day – remember as a bride you may want your hair and makeup done professionally. Try and have a trial run-through before the big day to make sure there will be no last minute disasters of things not going perfectly the morning of the wedding. Don’t forget the bridesmaids may also want their hair and makeup done if budget permits.


So we have been through the preparations, civil ceremony, evening celebrations, food, decorations, transport, photography… now you have to start thinking about the honeymoon! As with every part of wedding planning make sure you have set a budget to stick to. Brainstorm destinations and see if the hotel has honeymoon packages to ensure your trip is extra special. Do you want to go straight after your wedding or wait a few days? Make sure you have time booked off work and everything sorted well in advance so you are not worrying about it during your wedding.


We know that a wedding is the most special day of someone’s life. We help make this possible by not only offering a stunning wedding venue set in idyllic Surrey countryside, but we also provide delicious catering and a friendly, professional events team who will help you out with all the wedding details.

Contact our wedding venue in Surrey on 020 8662 5000 for a wedding day you will never forget!

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